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Angela & Kenny Pecora

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Freguently Asked Questions:

Can you give my horse Supplements? Yes, Just bring it and Mark on container how much/when you want it given & your horse's Name on it. There is NO Fee for giving it. 


Do you offer Multiple horse discounts ? Yes:but not for only 2 horses.

3 horses = $50 Total Discount per month


Do you have access to trails from your place? Yes, we now have over 26 acres of of our own trails with hills, ditches, bridges, obstacles and much more.


Do you have a round pen or Arena? Yes, We have a 60ft Lighted/Covered Round Pen with Sand & a 100' x 200' Lighted Out Door Arena.


Do you have a public Restroom? Yes


Do you offer Riding Lessons? call or text to see if taking students now. 281-682-1183


Do you offer Pasture Board? Yes, Horses on pasture board do not get a stall ,but have open shelter to get in out of weather.


What hours can i come out? You can come any time between 6am- 10pm, if it will be later than that you need to call us to let us know. We ask that you turn off any lights you turned on and be sure gates are locked.


Do you offer blanketing service? Yes we do, There is a fee for that $25 per month that it is needed. We will put blanket on/off when you want. (You must supply the blanket). We do not recommend blanketing horses.

Do you allow fans on horses in summer? Yes, there is a $20 per month charge to have fan running.


 Do you offer individual turnout? Yes but there is additional charge for that. 


Do you allow Studs/Stallions to board with you? No, unless you are paying for stall only cause our pastures are not set up to keep a stud from reaching over a fence from other horses.


If i have a horse trailer can i park it there and is there a fee for that? Yes, you can store your horse trailer here and there is no fee for that.


 Do you offer self care boarding? Rarely, it is on a case by case basis. if we do decide to take you as a self care boarder you MUST provide your own tools to clean stall/paddock, we do not store your hay. You will be required to come out daily to feed/clean. You must supply your own cleaning tools.







Upcoming Events

Monday, Mar 12 at 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM


  • "I am fairly new to the horse world. Huey is the first horse I have owned. I am so thankful that we found Star Struck Ranch and Angela and Kenny. Huey was one of the first to try..."
  • "Star Struck Ranch is definitely a horses paradise. Angela and Kenny are more like foster parents for horses while their owners are away. You may show up and catch one of them ..."
    Cheryl -
  • "I was searching the web for a nice really broke kids horse and ran across Star Struck's ad on "Dakota". I called Angela and she described the horse exactly as he was, actually h..."
    Rick Davison
    Very Happy Customer