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Horse Boarding


Prices for Boarding: Per Month, per Horse

(foals will be charged full board at 6 months of age)


$475.00 - Paddock Boarding Complete Package  (Not locked in a Stall)

Price includes:Horse will be in a paddock half the time and access to pasture half the time for grazing. Hay free choice 24/7, Quality grain 2x daily,Deworming every 8-12 weeks,Horses stay in large Paddock with Shelter open free access & Pasture turnout either at night or during day. We have several paddocks to choose from. some are singles and some are shared with 1 other horse.



(Email or call if you need a custom boarding option)

For more info on boarding please see our FAQ's page.


We do require Current Neg Coggins & Proof of Vaccines. $150 deposit up front as well as current months board. Board is due on the 1st day of each month. If you dont have a trailer we can pick up the horse for you. There will be a fuel charge for transportation. Vaccines required:




 We use slow feeders when feeding the horses free choice grass hay. By using slow feeders the horses cannot over eat and get a hay belly.  To learn about slow feeding  Click Here. The nets we use on our hay is by Cinch Chix ( )

 The way we feed each horse their own serving of Feed and supplements when pasture boarded is by using these great feed bags. They keep the horse from spilling food on the ground and horses cannot fight over the feed,  so you know what your horse is getting.


***We include worming in our board prices but some horses need a power pac worming once per year and those wormers are not included in price. Buyer can purchase a power dose kit and we can administer it to horse for you.


 Addition fees you might want:

If you want a Fan on your horse in summer it is $20 per month fee for the electric.

If you want blanketing service in winter it is $25 per month.

Bath for your horse $10.00 per day

Just brushed and fly sprayed/Groomed or hosed off   $5.00 per day

Put on horse walker for exercise $5 per day 

If you need shots/medication given $5.00 per day 

if you want horse lunged or round penned for exercise (Not training)

$20 per day 



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