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Quotes Boarding at Star Struck Ranch has been a wonderful experience and has far exceeded my expectations. New to the horse world, I have learned so much from Angela and Kenny. They have at times even gone out of their way to teach me the ins and outs of owning and working with horses, and staying safe while doing so. They are both a wealth of knowledge and are both amazing with horses. I am very particular about my horse's care (maybe even an overbearing mother at times), but I trust Angela's knowledge, experience, and opinions and know that she wants what is best for him too. I don't trust just anyone with my horse, but I know he is happy, healthy, and safe at SSR. Angela is probably the hardest worker that I have ever met, making sure that all of the horses at the ranch get the best care possible. The trails at SSR are exciting, safe, and fun to ride. Quotes
Lindsey S.
Boarder - 2014/2015

Quotes I have had horses for many years but am boarding for the first time at SSR. I am very picky and protective of my horse and am so overwhelmingly pleased with the care all the horses receive. Angela works non-stop to be sure each horse is well cared for. She feeds twice a day and they have hay 24/7 at all times. There is a lighted arena and round pen to ride in and many wooded trails. Angela is one of the best trainers I have ever known so if you are looking for a good place to board your horse be assured it will have the very best care at SSR. Quotes
Jo Ann Y.
Very Happy Boarder

Quotes I do not board my two horses since I am able to keep them on my property, but if I did need to board, I would not consider any other place except Star Struck Ranch. The barns, pastures, and other facilities are meticulously well-maintained, always with the comfort and safety of the horses in mind. Several of my good friends are boarders at SSR, and I trailer my horses there to ride frequently, usually 2-3 times a week in good weather. In addition to a fabulous arena and a huge covered Round Pen, there are 20+ acres of awesome trails, with permanent obstacles to play on and many fun ravine crossings and bridges to maneuver. I am honored to have become good friends with both Angela and Kenny. They are always willing to share their extensive knowledge of horses, and I have learned so much about training my horses from both of them. If you are looking for a place to board your horse, or if you just want an awesome place to trail ride, look no further than SSR. Quotes
Sandy N.

Quotes We are very pleased boarders with Angela and Kenny at SSR. From the products to the natural care she gives to all of the horses. Not to mention obstacles and arenas that is available for boarders to practice on. It was all a very good experience and would recommended to anyone that wanted their animals taken care of. The Equipride and Equilix are amazing products and take so many worries away. I have now added them to my home pasture as well. Quotes
Todd and Cherryl Finney
Happy boarder

Quotes This is the most remarkable barn I have ever boarded at. It is kept up in tip top shape and every horse on the place is well fed and happy. It offers a covered roundpen,obstacle course,training and close areas to ride in. It is also very close to Lake Houston trails. If you need training,that is available too. Angela has trained two of ours and I was thrilled with their progress. She is a wizard with the horses. The fees include everything and you cannot beat the price for all the options that come free with full care. I highly recommend it-both the facilities and Angela. You will not be dissapointed if you come here. Quotes
Sherry Adams
Impressed Boarder

Quotes I recently purchased an amazing 3yr old mare from Star Struck Ranch. She was exactly how she was represented on the videos and by what Angela told me about her. The first week I took her out on the trail and she moved out like a seasoned horse, through water, up and down hills and wherever I asked her to go. The second week I rode her in a parade through crowds of people and she was calm and well mannered throughout the whole thing. Kenny and Angela put the time in to provide a solid foundation for this little mare and I couldn't be more pleased. Quotes
Kathleen & Ronnie
Bought a Great Horse

Quotes This place totally rocks! I have been here for a little over a year and plan to stay forever. The owners know what they are doing, and do it well. They are professional horsemen themselves. The way the place has been set up has been really well thought out. They do not skimp on quality feed/hay. All disciplines are welcomed and there is absolutely NO DRAMA. The other boarders that I have met are friendly and just as accepting of other disiplines. The pastures are well maintained and horses are placed in pastures with horses that all get along with each other. The owners will keep you informed of changes in pasture mates when/if they occur and monitor the acclimation of new horses into a pasture to be sure they all get along. The place is very secure and the fencing/grounds are well maintained. I have boarded at many other places over all the years that I have had horses and I have to say this is the best one that I have ever been at. Thanks Angela and Kenny. Y'all rock! Quotes

Quotes After boarding for a year at SSR, I'm a happy customer, to say the least. Angela is so extremely conscientious and careful with the horses. In fact, Sand Dollar was put into "solitary" when he first arrived since he was a rescue and we couldn't be sure what cooties he might have brought with him. He was kept in a small area until we were sure he was healthy and wouldn't pass anything on to the other horses. Since then, SD has been a special project, and Angela has made it her business to get his feet into great condition and put weight on him. Regular attention from a great farrier takes care of the first issue, and individual feeding plus supplements have made such a difference in his overall health and appearance! I feel my horse is receiving the best of care. We enjoy training on the many obstacles on the ranch; the round pen and arena are great for groundwork, and we ride the nearby trails regularly. I couldn't be happier with my choice of Star Struck Ranch. Quotes
Dee Weaver

Quotes I recently purchased a horse from Angela Pecora at Star Struck Ranch, and I could not be more pleased with her. I live in TN and knew I was taking a big risk buying a horse without seeing it in person, or riding the horse myself. However, Angela not only was honest but went above and beyond to send me both pictures and video to make sure that I felt comfortable about the horse I was purchasing. She is so knowledgeable and helpful, that I can honestly say that I have never had a more pleasant experience when buying a horse. Quotes
Kristi Cattrell

Quotes I was searching the web for a nice really broke kids horse and ran across Star Struck's ad on "Dakota". I called Angela and she described the horse exactly as he was, actually he was even better than described. So many other horse traders are not truthfull about their horses on the phone and when you get there you are really dissapointed. I drove 4 hours down to see the horse from Denton, TX and he was exactly what I was looking for and more. I found Angela and Kenny great to work with and would do so again in a flash. If you are looking for a horse, these kids will treat you very well. Rick Davison Quotes
Rick Davison
Very Happy Customer
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  • "After boarding for a year at SSR, I'm a happy customer, to say the least. Angela is so extremely conscientious and careful with the horses. In fact, Sand Dollar was put into "so..."
    Dee Weaver