Star Struck Ranch

Angela & Kenny Pecora

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Barn Rules:


1.    Never Tie Horses to any fencing. (Use designated tie rings ONLY)

2.    No Smoking in/Around Barns (No Butts on the ground)

3.    Do not hand feed/handle any horse that you do not own

4.    Clean up after yourself/Horse, If your horse poops/urinates on concrete please clean it

5.    Please SHUT tack room when you are done.

6.    Turn off all lights when not in use….Tack room, Barn, & Restroom.

7.    Please do not give gate code or tack room code to your guest or trainers without permission.

8.    Please keep gates as they were when you arrived.

9.    Barn Hours 6am - 10pm   7 Days a Week

10.  No horses are to be loose or off Lead except when in their own pasture.

11.   Children must be under supervision at all times.

12.   Do not drive screws, nails, hooks, etc. in doors, walls or anything else at Star Struck Ranch.  If you need to have something attached we will install it, if we approve of it.

13.   Do not climb on fences, hay, or gates.

14.  Please do not Lunge your horse in the grass. (Please use Arena or Round pen ONLY)

15.  Any/All out side horses that come on the property must pay $5 per day to visit/Ride   (including your guest)

16.  Star Struck Ranch is not responsible for your tack, so keep it put away in Tack Room or your Trailer please.

17.  Boarders are responsible for their guests.

18. Do not put Hoof oil, conditioners or thrush medicine of any kind on your horse while on any concrete, it will stain the concrete.

19.  Any/All Dogs must be on a leash at all times and have permission to be here.

20. Any Rider under 18yrs old must wear a helmet unless your guardian signs a waiver.

21. Horses are not Allowed to wear metal shoes while boarding here. If horse comes here with them on we will remove them for you.

22. Do not shut gates and turn horses loose except in thier own pasture (They are closed off for a reason)