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Horse Boarding


Prices for Boarding: Per Month, per Horse

(foals will be charged full board at 6 months of age)


$525.00 - Full Boarding 

Price includes:Horse will be in a paddock or stall half the time and access to pasture half the time for grazing. Hay free choice 24/7 in slow feed net, Quality grain 2x daily, Deworming every 8-12 weeks. Stalls/Paddocks cleaned daily. Daily Turn out unless you want horse kept in.



(Email or call if you need a custom boarding option)

For more info on boarding please see our FAQ's page.


We do require Current Neg Coggins & Proof of Vaccines. $150 deposit up front as well as current months board. Board is due on the 1st day of each month. If you dont have a trailer we can pick up the horse for you. There will be a fuel charge for transportation. Vaccines required:




 We use slow feeders when feeding the horses free choice grass hay. By using slow feeders the horses cannot over eat and get a hay belly.  To learn about slow feeding  Click Here. The nets we use on our hay is by Cinch Chix ( )


***We include worming in our board prices but some horses need a power pac worming once per year and those wormers are not included in price. Buyer can purchase a power dose kit and we can administer it to horse for you.


 Addition fees you might want:

If you want a Fan on your horse in summer it is $20 per month fee for the electric.

If you want blanketing service in winter it is $25 per month.

Bath for your horse $10.00 per day

Just brushed and fly sprayed/Groomed or hosed off   $5.00 per day

Put on horse walker for exercise $5 per day 

If you need shots/medication given $5.00 per day 

if you want horse lunged or round penned for exercise (Not training)

$20 per day