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          The Horses  listed for sale are not always owned by Star Struck Ranch, Some are under consignment or owned by our boarders/Clients. We occasionally Train & sale quality  horses.All horses are sold as is and we do not allow trial basis. Buyer has option to get a prepurchase exam on horse at buyers expence.

             You will need to contact us to get location of horse and to see if still for sale.
No holds on horses with out NON-Refundable Deposit to hold horse. 

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5yr sorrel,  Quarter Horse - Grade (not registered)  Gelding 14.1 hands tall. Great horse for adult or a kid. He is a solid trail horse anyone can ride. Not spooky. Fully gun broke, lesson horse,  Mounted shooting trained, obstacles, playdays, barrels and more. Neck reins, moves off legs, Sidepasses, stops, backs,  turn on haunches, shoulder in/out, turn on haunches, turn on forehand, lead departures,  voice trained to move in to position for mounting block ect. Natural horsemanship training( Knows the Fundamentals and most of the Internediate level of Clinton Anderson Training Method. Round pens (faces for change of direction) lunges, yields hind quarters, backs on lead rope by a wiggle. Currently has front shoes, up to date on coggins, deworming, dental ect.
If you looking for Mounted shooting horse he is ready to season and finish out. He has competed and was consistently in the 2D just cruising. He has enough speed to finish as a 1D or keep him slow for a newer shooter. He will also shoot patterns at a trot. Location: Cabool, Missouri $10,000



"BRUCE WAYNE" 2006 Bay Gelding AQHA 


Ima smart Monty 

Short compact horse around 14.1-14.2 hands. 

Bruce Wayne had cutting training as a 4yr and then was lightly used as ranch horse for couple years. The owner stopped riding after that so he sat in pasture for couple years. Rode off like he never skipped a day. That is when I got him. He started mounted shooting training lightly in 2019 and then was sold to be a trail/ obstacle horse for 2 yrs. In 2021 he has been put back into mounted shooting and has competed and done very well. We have not asked him for speed in mounted shooting yet because we want to add it gradually and not push him in case someone wants him to learn on he will go slow for you to shoot on. He does have the ability to be upper level shooting horse. 


He is very quick and caddy but not unless you ask for it. Has has been competed on by 8yr and a Mens 3 shooter. 


Neck reins, sidepasses,  great stop, spins, backs more.

Very sweet horse and willing. Great trail horse. Gets along good with mares or geldings.





(Owned by star struck ranch)

"Lucky" **Sold**

AQHA 2018 Dun Gelding currently 15 hands thick build

Registered name: PRETTY LUCKY TODAY  

Papers in hand and current coggins. 

Broke to ride and currently in training till sold. Gun broke already, trail rides and started on obstacles. Lots of Natural horsemanship ground work. Super sweet laidback personality that loves attention. Gets along with others in pasture and also fine if pastured alone. Loads and unloads from trailer good. Stands tied quietly. Has smooth trot and very smooth lope.

Has never offered to buck or rear even with time off between rides.  

Great stop, backs, sidepasses, voice trained to move up for mounting, loads and unloads from trailer perfect. Stands tied, good for farrier. Turn on haunches, turn on forehand.

Would excel in a home for Trails, Mounted shooting, ranch versatility,  obstacles, roping and much more. 


Lots of videos of him on my YouTube channel.


Click here for photo gallery 






"Luna" 2007 APHA Registered Mare  (Papers in Hand)



14.1-14.2 hands    

Has competed in Wrangler/Buckaroo Class of Mounted shooting Many times with 7yr. Kid broke, Gun broke, Trails , Obstacles, Carry Flag, Playdays and more. Very sweet mare, good ground manners, ties, leads, loads, baths, Round pens. good for farrier. Good in pasture with geldings or mares. Sound and healthy.

Mounted shooting Wrangler up to Level 4 PLus (depending on Rider ability)

She is a push style horse

Voice trained to move up for mounting.

Natural Horsemanship Training.

Sidepasses, good stop, backs, slow spins, picks up leads, lunges, round pens, flexes, one rein stops, stops off your seat. 

* She Does NOT Crib, or Weave**.  Shooting Patterns July 2020     Ground work Training by 7yr  Loping Pattern with 7yr    Round penning    7yr mounting   Trotting Pattern 

Message for more videos 


"Casey" 2003  APHA Registered 15 hands tall dark and handsome Gelding stout 

Price : ***SOLD***

 Registered name: Burr Baby Blue (Papers in Hand)

Stout build- Takes wide fit tree saddle (Full quarter horse bars) or Treeless saddle.

Easy kepper stays fat on Grass/Alfalfa diet.  (currently NOT on Grain)

Up to date on shots, coggins test, deworming, shoes ect. No soundness issues. 

Casey is looking for a riding partner for trail riding, obstacles.

Natural Horsemanship Training, Flexing, one rein stops, backs, voice trained to move up for mounting. Crosses Natural water, ditches ect. 

Obstacles: Air dancer, horse ball, shooting, bridges, water, logs, Flags, curtains and more. 

Great ground manners, leads, loads, ties, baths, easy to deworm, goof for farrier ect. 

 Can deliver for a fee or arrange shipping with hauler.   Doing obstacles   Move up for mounting     Leaf blower, bareback, trampoline, air dancer      walk, trot, transition, lope, stop        Gun Training:







 "Reba"   (SOLD)

2016 AQHA Sorrel Mare 15.1 hands tall     

Up to date on Coggins, shots,Deworming and Dental. She is broke to ride and currently in Mounted shooting training and is shooting full loads .45 cal black powder off her. Neck reins, stops, backs, sidepasses. She is voice trained to move up for mounting. Loads and backs out of trailer. Stands tied and started on obstacle training. Easy to bridle, flexes, soft in face, rides on loose rein. Trail rides.See Videos below or go to and see starstruckranch channel with videos name REBA for more videos. I will post more updated videos when my arena dries out.

Reba is Futurity Eligble for CMSA 2020. 

Delivery availlable for a fee.

Her dislikes: Carrots 

We accept: Cash, Paypal & Venmo for payment.







 "Ellie" 2014  Dark Buckskin AQHA Regisered (Papers in Hand)  about 14.2 Hands  (SOLD)

Ellie has been broke to ride since she was 3yr. She has mostly been used for Trail riding and doing Obstacles. Has been sorting a few times and is not scared of cows. She is trained to shoot guns off of and has started doing Cowboy mounted shooting courses at home (ready to start hauling to shoots. She has competed in Obstacle challenges and has gotten first place every time so far. She knows barrel and pole patterns. She is very willing and sweet mare. Neck reins, stops by your seat/voice, side passes, backs, turn on haunches, turn on forehand, picks up leads and flying lead changes, collects & more. She is a great trail horse that will cross anything.Bridges, water, ditches, ravines, mud, logs you name it. she will ride alone or in a group. Not buddy sour. She likes to go swimming at the lake and cool off. 

She is easy to give wormer tube. Easy to trim feet. She has ground work training. Lunges, round pens, backs by a wiggle, yields hindquarters. She is voice trained to move up to you for mounting off any aid. She is trained to ground tie and then cue her to come on command. Loads perfect in trailer and backs out nice and slow. Stands tied quietly (no pawing, weaving or pacing). Gets along great with mares or geldings in pasture. Not dominant. 

She has a cosmetic scar on her front right hoof that she got as a baby and has never affected her in any way. Has been x rayed and seen by vet to confirm it just cosmetic and does not effect her in anyway.

See Photos in photo Gallery named "Ellie" 


i will Post more videos of her doing mounted shooting soon,,, 


 Videos below... 


 Video Below is ellie sun bathing let matt lay all over her. Feb 2020


Video below Feb 2020. First time shooting at indoor arena.


Video below is of her Doing Obstacles Bridleless/Bareback. May 2018


Video below is of her Mounting bareback & Doing rope gate obstacle Bridleless/bareback.May 2018


 Video below is of Ellie giving a training leson to my 5yr son on some ground work stuff. April 2018


Video below of her training to push Ball at liberty


Video below of 5yr rider doing Obstacles on Ellie


Video below is 5yr Rider mounting, dismounting and playing Horse ball on Ellie.













































































































































































































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