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(Meet the Trainers)


                                                                   Angela Pecora 

 Let me tell you a little about my back ground with horses. I had a couple ponies as a kid and at the age of 11yr i started caring for and riding on my own taking care of 5 plus horses. I pretty much ttaught my self to ride. At the age of 16yr i bought my first horse that i was gonna train to barrel race. II barrel raced and trained horses for 10 years. In 2010 i learned about Competitive Trail riding and tried it out and was hooked. I then started competing and training for obstacles. I started following the Clinton Anderson method in 2006. The end of 2010 i broke my first horse totally from scratch my self (Zan jo Lena) We still own JOlena and my Son now competes on her.. I have since then trained llots of horses and continue to use the Natural Horsemanship way of training with a few things i do different that work well for me. My focus is riding on a loose rein and trusting your horse and letting your horse learn to do the right thing. I started in Cowboy Mounted shooting in April 2018 and i now focus my training to compete in mounted shooting and i dont compete much in obstacles right now but i still train all my horses for obstacles and lots of despooking to build trust with my horses. I start my Cowboy mounted shooting horses from the ground up in small steps to get them use to the gun fire. As of Feb 2020 i am still a Level one shooter because since i started in mounted shooting i have been training horses and not been on the same horse so it holds me back from moving up. I competed in the 2019 CMSA Futurity on  my Mare Harley Kisses and i had only owned her 5 months at the time of futurity and only had that short time to train her for mounted shooting and she did great. My focus was to shoot clean and not push her and we Placed 3rd. 





Training we offer: Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Starting under saddle, Ground work, Lunging, Trailer Loading, De-spooking, Trail Breaking, trail obstacles and more...


*** Price does not include feet trimmingor shoes. If horse needs its feet trimmed we can add it to your bill or you can have your farrier come trim the horse when needed. Feet trimming is $40 done by us.

Prices for training: $800 -$1,000   per month per horse .

   You pay half of the training fee up front and balance at end of training.


        ( We will need to evaluate the horse before taking it in on training 

   Horses must be in good weight/ health before we will take horse for training.


-Below is a few of the horses we have trained



Below is Jolena 2007 AQHA Grulla Mare

*Was not broke to ride when we got her.

(Trained by Angela Dec 2010)

 Video is her 1 yr undersaddle.




 Below is Kit 4yr Trained by Angela Pecora



 Below is Ellie videos.


Video below is of her Mounting bareback & Doing rope gate obstacle Bridleless/bareback.May 2018


 Video below is of Ellie giving a training leson to my 5yr son on some ground work stuff. April 2018





Below is "chism" 2009 AQHA Mare trained by Kenny. March 2011. *Was Wild and not broke to ride when we got her.



                            (Below is 4yr "Star" in training Sept 2009)






  Pictured Below: "Lady Bug" 10yr paint mare during training (2009)



Our Training Methods: We use Natural Horsemanship Training Like Clinton Anderson . Below is some video clips of his work.

          Angela & Kenny with Clinton Anderson April 2009




You can go to to see more training from Clinton Anderson


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