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Helps to Improve All of These Key Areas    


• A shiny and healthy hair coat

• Strong solid hooves

• Better lubricity of joints

• Strength and endurance

without getting hot or high

• Improved temperament

• Hard-Keepers gain weight

• Anti-inflammatory  for wounds             

.• Overall health     

• Get 25% more out of what goes in to your animals


Digestive Aide, Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Horses
Horses are hind-gut, foraging herbivores with a comparatively small stomach. A horse left to it’s natural foraging patterns will graze on high fiber grasses and hay many hours of the day allowing its small stomach to balance acid and enzyme digestion with the fermentation digestion of the cecum and colon (hind gut).
Because so many horses are boarded in stalls and non-pasture confines, they are fed in shorter time periods and with more concentrated energy feeds such as grain that is high in starch.This is where SweetPro® Feeds EquiPride™ is helpful in aiding the digestion of the typical stable diet.


Equipride 25 Pound Bucket    $50  (2 scoops per day is about 40 days worth)             

Equipride 50 Pound Bag         $80  

EquiLix   50 Pound Tub         $65    ( out of stock)

EquiLix  125 Pound Tub        $110   (out of stock)

EquiDisk   Box of 2 Disk         $35   

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