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We do offer horses for lease/Rental. The lease price is the total you would pay to lease a horse per month and does include board for the horse. All horses leased will stay at Star Struck Ranch. We do not offer outside leasing.  Must be 18 years old or older to sign lease contract. We will evaluate your riding to ensure you are a good fit for the horse. we will not allow riders to be ruff or whip or spur our horses. Star struck ranch may cancel your lease at anytime if you are not treating horses to our standards.

Full lease means you can ride the leased horse any time you want and no one else will be riding the horse except you. $500

Partial lease you can ride horse any time the horse is not already being used by Star Struck Ranch that day (you will have second option on the horse) Partial lease horses might also be used for giving lessons by Star Struck Ranch or used for Day Rental. $250

Split Lease is where you will split a lease with some one else and you would each pay $250 per month and only the 2 of you would be riding the horse and you would just need to notify each other of the day you plan to use the horse. The first person that started leasing horse would have senority if wanted on same day.

Leased horses are not allowed to be taken off the property of Star Struck Ranch unless accompanied by Star Struck Ranch. If you want to use a leased horse for a event/competition not located at Star Struck Ranch You will need to Pay a hauling fee of $15 per day needed.

Call us for most current info on what horses are available for lease. Most of our lease horses you will have the option to buy after leasing.

Trail riding & Daily Rental:

Rent a horse for the day to ride around the ranch or on a trail ride accompanied by Star Struck Ranch or one of it's Staff.

Horse Rental Fee: $50 per day

Saddle & Tack Rental included.

Hauling fee for Gas (if leaving the property)  $15 per trip 

For daily rental you must already know how to ride a horse and tack it up. If you do not you will need to schedule a lesson with your rental for aditional $20 per ride to include a breif riding lesson.


    Our Current Lease Horses                                    

Others not listed yet. Call or text to get most current available horses.




Big stout Sorrel/white Paint gelding

Available for Partial Lease 




Email, Text or call to set appointment to ride.



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