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What makes us different from other Boarding Facilities?

What Makes Star Struck Ranch Different?
It is our goal at Star Struck Ranch to place the horse's emotional and physical well-being above that of our own personal goals. To provide the horses with an environment that closely matches how they would live in the wild. It is very important to us to make positive, lasting relationships with our clients, while providing a home style atmosphere.  Our goal is to make everyone who visits feel like they are a part of our family, free from breed or discipline prejudice. We are open minded to new ideas and work very hard to improve every thing we do. We are not just another horse boarding facility, We want every one to come together and enjoy spending their time with horses and learning from them.
 We love each and every horse that we have at our facility and do all we can to determine what is best for each individual horses needs.  Just placing a horse in a field and collecting money goes against our whole philosophy here at Star Struck Ranch. We honestly care that the horses thrive abundantly at our facility and do everything possible to insure their success in acclimating to natural horse boarding.
A great deal of thought has gone into the development of the facility.  Our first and foremost goal has been -What is best for the horse?  Unlike conventional boarding facilities our horses are not confined 24 hours a day to a 12x12 stalls with no turnout. At Star Struck Ranch they are not separated from other horses for their so-called good but instead are allowed to frolic/play and socialize with others of their kind. The horses are not shod with shoes.  Natural trims and hoof care are provided to allow the horses to be successful barefoot. I too was one who felt that stalls, shoes, and being turned out alone where the appropriate care for horses but through time, research and many questions I came to realize that maybe we are not providing our horses with the best care available. 
Being a Natural Boarding Facility can mean different things to different people, overall it is a concept that allow horses to live as close as possible to their natural habitat prior to captivity. More than just keeping your horse outside as much as possible. Natural Boarding encompasses their whole well-being, both physically and emotionally - all the natural elements necessary for their species.
We live here with our house facing the Barn and Pastures so we can watch over all the horses. Taking care of horses is our life and we do it 24/7. Kenny & Angela as owners of Star Struck Ranch do all the work/care for the horses. We do not have employees, so you can be comfortable knowing your horse will get the same care each day by the same people that know the individual needs of each horse. We are always here and encourage you to ask us for help if you ever need help with  any thing.